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I bought bfv when it first came out and installed it and it worked fine. then about a month ago i st...

6th September 2004 22:09

i dont think bots are possible to play with in siege mode

20th February 2007 09:02

that command isnt in forcemod III

1st April 2007 07:04

31st March 2007 10:03

or maybe make the guy in your avatar

15th March 2007 17:03

damn you people now i want to play it but cant find my cd-s......

7th March 2007 22:03

i would be laughing to death IF ( a big if ) the mod gets acctualy released and becomes the most fam...

4th March 2007 23:03

mustafar :D theed city on naboo(or whatever its called)

4th March 2007 23:03

make models of admins from filefront :D

4th March 2007 23:03

i think the shotgun ( golan arms or something ) would be better for the gun

12th February 2007 22:02

I remember on one server the guy kept gripping and pushing into lava ( taspir level ) then i starte...

8th April 2007 20:04

heh the suit reminds me of Angel

5th February 2007 20:02

Xana acctualy helps you and doesnt get in the way

10th January 2007 17:01

1st December 2006 08:12

snakes face just doesnt look right to me

1st December 2006 08:12


28th November 2006 11:11

will there be an outside as well?

22nd November 2006 13:11

so if you have a powerful character and accidentaly get killed or fall into a hole ur lose everythin...

11th November 2006 22:11

ok thx again

3rd November 2006 00:11

when i try this /bind . "say Deflect; wait 5; force_absorb" it says illegal bind detected.......rem...

2nd November 2006 21:11

do not delete anything

1st April 2007 07:04

is it possible for 1 bind to do 2 things like this i bind (n) and when i press it is it possible for...

2nd November 2006 12:11

they should merely look at my avatar name i was a council member of both JJA and DAJ and DAJ side of...

16th May 2007 22:05

Hey, you know the old saying. Rules are there to be broken :P

7th November 2007 14:11

Alex_Of_The_South;3999370 Oh and Van, if you think you can kick our "lamer" asses, please come to a...

4th November 2007 20:11