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when i load a level stalker crashes. i use abc inferno and its has notting to do with the portals (i...

11th January 2008 03:01

i think its abc you mean i'll give you a link ABC - Advanced Balance and Collision, Stalker Download...

11th January 2008 02:01

brothersurplice;4300133Plasma rifle?! wtf! he ment the gaus

12th April 2008 02:04

right now i'm playing crysis and stalker(abc-infreno)

9th January 2008 02:01

i'm doing the flamethrower quest and when i'm on the road to the garbage it crashes and says: FATAL...

24th August 2008 00:08

thanx for the fast reply it really helped, it's a shame that these maps aren't in SOC the cordon loo...

24th June 2009 21:06

yeah, does someone know the key for holstering your gun? and why is everyone enemy? thanx in advnac...

23rd June 2009 00:06

nvm, found it

3rd May 2009 00:05

where are the files fir the trophy ak? i want to ad a possibility to add an underslug GL Spoiler:...

1st May 2009 04:05

well sid could send in the army and a bunch of loners umm doesn't sak has a guess-riffle cause i onc...

12th December 2008 21:12

lol that's funny but that's why my uncle says "guns, don't leave home without it" i guess his ak74w...

27th November 2008 01:11

hell yeah, modern weaponery are allways welcome

3rd November 2008 00:11

SOC uses ogf where all the anims are in, CS uses 5 different files 3 OGF and 2 OMF files for weapons...

28th October 2008 21:10

i agree with both of you they could have made the ending more clichee maybe modders will make a diff...

28th October 2008 06:10

are you going to implend AMK arsenal mod?

27th October 2008 22:10

hi, i want to know what you think about the ending of clear sky. my thoughts are: Spoiler: Show i...

27th October 2008 04:10

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16th September 2008 22:09

FATAL ERROR [error]Expression : fatal error [error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error [er...

15th September 2008 01:09

where is it?

12th September 2008 00:09

why don't they make an universal one where everything's just the same

31st July 2008 21:07

i wan't to know if this game has an sdk? if yes where can i download it.

17th June 2008 23:06

thank you

27th July 2008 03:07

are there free dds converting programs that can convert dds to jpeg and jpeg to dds thanx in advance

27th July 2008 02:07

here the definition: were·wolf also wer·wolf A person transformed into a wolf or capable of assumi...

27th July 2008 01:07

found some other weapons: mp7a3: FPSBANANA > Skins > STALKER > Other/Misc > MP7A3 PDW s...

26th July 2008 20:07