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I have a bunch of maps, and when I downloaded the sg4real map, it said somthing about changing hunkm...

4th March 2003 05:03

sure go with it, dont matter much to me

21st June 2003 01:06

lol, yeah peeps are obsessed

29th May 2003 04:05


29th May 2003 04:05

no i think its off

3rd June 2003 03:06

i dunno a bunch i love sw

3rd June 2003 05:06

refresh my memory, i have been gone for a week

15th June 2003 02:06

Hey I had an interesting theory that I never shared. I believe KA Applegate spawned Animorphs off of...

16th June 2003 23:06

I have no idea dude, what have you guys at Maquis gamers been doing?

19th June 2003 00:06

I have to say one of my favorites has got to be Starfleet Academy. I beat that in the best way where...

19th June 2003 22:06

yeah i got ur pm thanks

20th June 2003 00:06

haha thats funny, yeah it was dumb, why didnt they keep the technology?

21st June 2003 01:06

the books prolly are good, but there are so many could be confusing, and i just want everything stra...

28th May 2003 06:05

yeah. what's next then?

22nd June 2003 00:06

it is a shame, i wanna see more of a starfleet academy style thing

22nd June 2003 08:06

no my dad has the disk at work, i didnt get it illegally

24th June 2003 00:06

but it doesnt matter, i am not using microsoft themes anymore, i generated some buttons and banners...

24th June 2003 00:06

hmmm, how bout worf's brother's true identity is discovered and it throw the empire in to chaos

24th June 2003 00:06

yeah perfect! they shouldnt have done enterprise, but a current show.

24th June 2003 23:06

rock on. jk2 was good, i am ready for jk3. i am disappointed that KOTOR is only for xbox. i thought...

29th July 2003 07:07

i have not seen it yet, so i will hafta keep checkin. im too poor right now to get it anyway lol.

30th July 2003 04:07

Hey peeps, I am making a screensaver and theme outta screen shots for games and i need to know how t...

12th September 2003 06:09

yeah print screen doesnt work, it distorts the colors. it worked in bridge commander tho. but there...

12th September 2003 22:09

lol, i thought it was? common use the force, j/k

28th May 2003 08:05

hmm dont get into books, they arent written by lucas

28th May 2003 05:05