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How Do You Write Stuff In Your Map with Adobe Photo Shop???????????????????????

1st March 2003 09:03

Is there a option to change the problem. 1. When i click on the grid the textures in the 2D screen (...

17th June 2003 19:06

How do u make smoke?????????

17th June 2003 22:06

I never thought about that, bad question hehe i was just bored so i had to post somthing

29th June 2003 07:06

HEHHEHEHE, ET makes it more fun to play because it ranks u, the regular wolf its sorta boring becau...

25th June 2003 06:06

I was just wondering if you hate it when Noobs open the back door and let all the enemys in

29th June 2003 01:06

hehe that would be cool, lol all i need is a group of friends to try it

26th June 2003 21:06


26th June 2003 21:06

Oh god i dont think i can do this lol

26th June 2003 08:06

Thanx alot man, lol expect more questions in the future

26th June 2003 08:06

That sounds cool, Hehe i wish i had the intellegence to make a rtcw mod ;)

26th June 2003 03:06

Priate Mod problem, I cant get it to work, i put it in the mods folder but it doesnt work plez help

26th June 2003 01:06

I was wondering how to make a draw bridge that activtes with a switch?

25th June 2003 23:06

LOL were like the only ones posting in this fourm i thought it would be more popular hehehe

25th June 2003 06:06

Half the time im usually the one that charges into the place and goes pshyco with my gun (muhahaha)...

25th June 2003 06:06

I like the Mobile MG42 because it has alot of fire power and its just a good weapon to defend the ba...

25th June 2003 05:06

How do u make a single texture so then its not looking like a million textures like this Before {...

20th June 2003 06:06

I hate it when im the only field ops and everybody else is a flamer or panzer, when no bodys a medic...

25th June 2003 03:06

Argh the one thing i hate most is spawn campers, they just sit in a corner with a airstrike and just...

25th June 2003 03:06

hehehe, i just wait a little while just 3 seconds before the spawn time runs out but half the time i...

25th June 2003 03:06

What Class Do You Like On Enemy Territory? Tell Why?

25th June 2003 02:06

I cant get my loading screen to show up, i put the image in the pk3. file but doesnt work, what else...

24th June 2003 07:06

You know that Arena File (to change spawntimes and put it in the list of RTCW) i keep getting a syst...

23rd June 2003 20:06

Ok i got a file, But RTCWfiles wasnt replying back to me so then i just went ahead and put the file...

23rd June 2003 20:06

One thing i dont want, is the game to move away from its way it looks and feels, i dont want to feel...

23rd December 2005 07:12