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AAAAARGHHHH!!! US only!!!! I'll kill myself!!! Me want, me want!!!

27th November 2002 23:11

Yepperz. If not ALL players use it it's cheating.

20th January 2003 16:01

You actually paid for your OS? :D

30th January 2003 01:01

Btw, if you wanna know, the previous texture packs doesnt work on my computer. The first one I insta...

27th January 2003 14:01

Because it would lag my computer more than DC, that's why. :D

27th January 2003 13:01

Umm, that is like the same thing. It's almost like renting a video and copy it. Anyway, why didn't y...

26th January 2003 13:01

Muhaha, I fly it with mouse. It's quite easy me think.

26th January 2003 00:01

If you are extremely desperate but a new comp. Sorry, but I have no clue. But that would solve your...

24th January 2003 00:01

Check or Dunno if they have it, but I think so.

24th January 2003 00:01

I think it takes max 5 shots to kill someone with the pistol, that is if you are very far away. Othe...

23rd January 2003 22:01

I pretty much like all the weapons. But he ones i don't use that much when fighting are: ExpPacks -...

23rd January 2003 21:01

I'm stuck with ACDSEE, havent tried any other. It takes awhile for all the pics to load but it works...

20th January 2003 16:01

I'm getting wierd lag spikes too ever since I upgraded to Win2k. The game just freezes for 3 secs th...

31st January 2003 10:01

When I don't feel like playing BF anymore, I have to press esc, wait 30 secs for the menu screen to...

14th January 2003 10:01

Yeah, the ingame server thingie is totally crap. Get ASE, it will make your life easier.

14th January 2003 10:01

Yeah, why not? In most (if not all) threads that involve a question, apocalypse_kid has posted an a...

13th January 2003 12:01

Yeah, to apocalypse_kid - the helpful spammer. :D :bows: :beer:

11th January 2003 12:01

I've found two sounds that I dislike in Gunslinger's sound mod. 1. The bomb sound - It sounds gay. P...

10th January 2003 01:01

If you have Merciless installed you need to put the sounds.rfa in the Mods/MC1942/Arhives folder. Ba...

10th January 2003 01:01

Yes yes. You, my friend are right...

8th January 2003 08:01

Yeah! That is a great idea! :lol: Someone should make a mod like that! If it's possible. If the dam...

7th January 2003 08:01

15 posts left till 1000! Go kid go!! :D

7th January 2003 08:01

I have no idea if the demo even works any more. Are there still demo servers? The only patch for the...

30th January 2003 23:01

You talking bout CiS RC.2 or DC Alpha 0.2? Cause the ones in CiS I find hard as hell to fly. In DC i...

1st February 2003 00:02


5th January 2003 13:01