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hello im vice Admiral white, im new here, so i would like to know how do i install the new dyson spe...

28th February 2007 23:02

were can i find the Kobashi Maru 1.0 full mod. the one with all the new ships and bridges.?

27th January 2009 07:01

i was wondering if there was an update to the male XO mod?

28th January 2009 08:01

hello, i was wondering if anyone remembered the name of the mod where you could fire during warp, i...

10th February 2009 20:02

iam wondering if theres going to be a map of the Reman warbird Scimitar from star trek Nemesis?

15th March 2009 23:03

i was wondering is there any way i could add the blue alert to red and yellow alerts?

4th April 2009 04:04

i have windows XP os system. i dont have ME or 98. i will post my console report here so you can see...

7th September 2008 01:09

im having a problem with the bsg ship pack, everytime i try to play as the pegesus, it always comes...

4th September 2008 10:09

im having a problem with my bridgecommander game, iv recently had to unistall it and reinstall it on...

5th September 2008 19:09

yes thats the first thing i did before i reinstalled

6th September 2008 05:09

what is vista and where can i find it, because this BSOD or black screen of death is really starting...

6th September 2008 09:09

im getting this BSOD, and its really stating to annoy me, can anyone tell how to rectify this proble...

6th September 2008 09:09

yeah i have the stock game but iv added ships and mods to it like the KM1.0 full mod, and GUI MOD.

6th September 2008 20:09

here is my console report i did in test mode

7th September 2008 04:09

how to i switch to jpeg

7th September 2008 05:09

ok here it is in jpeg, and yes i installed the patch but still get the same BSOD

7th September 2008 05:09

ok i posted my screen shot in BCC. can you tell me how to rectify this problem?

7th September 2008 23:09

i was wondering, is there going to be any bridges made for the BSG Battlestars Prefurbly the Pegesus...

14th September 2008 07:09

hello, i was wondeering iv added the EVA Suit mod to my game i wanted to know in what menu of the...

1st March 2010 02:03

hello, iam curious as how to install a cloaking device to my ship. any help would be appreciated.

18th July 2010 19:07

hello, i installed st legacy on my laptop wich has windows 7, and the game works and iv installed t...

4th February 2011 12:02

Hello, I'm having some trouble playing in the cockpits of the shuttle crafts and the fighter cra...

26th July 2011 09:07

i have all the requirements for the bridge, and i also have the right ship for those fighter, when e...

10th August 2011 09:08

Hello. i would like to Create my own star ship in bridge commander, I already have the name and Re...

15th September 2011 04:09

Hello every time I use the shuttlecraft cockpits in the BC game, the game always crashes, and a scre...

22nd December 2011 05:12