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There aren't any aimbots out. They have something called skill.

12th January 2003 09:01

So you are the one ruining my score! :mad: :mad: :spank: :spank: :furious: :furious: :spank: :spank:...

24th June 2003 01:06

You've been punked! This all started as a joke. Of course these are all real historical inaccuracies...

24th June 2003 04:06

Man, I have no clue what you are all complaining about. I have never had a problem with FF except du...

24th June 2003 03:06

I don't wanna hear your crap man. You're one of them. We are not talking about the massive details l...

24th June 2003 03:06

Oh yes, my mistake. I was too annoyed to think about what I was saying.

24th June 2003 02:06

What is this crap about everyone being able to give commands am I supposed to believe that everyone...

24th June 2003 02:06

Good point, what I was getting at was that if they were going to have them in the first place they s...

24th June 2003 02:06

I got another one! Now this one is really pathetic. The dragons teeth in Omaha Beach have a big enou...

24th June 2003 02:06

Man dude you really know your stuff. You and I should team up and find some more mistakes then tell...

24th June 2003 01:06

I replaced them all with porn sounds. You just have to remember which groan goes with which command.

24th June 2003 01:06

Now this one has me steamed! The american flag in BF has 50 stars! This is rediculous star 49 (Alask...

24th June 2003 01:06

Stole who chicken my.

24th June 2003 01:06

Any time you post in a thread it is doomed from then on. Maybe it is because you are so |\|()()|8+@$...

24th June 2003 01:06

It is funny how they get to the important post then stop reading (before reading it). Then they post...

24th June 2003 08:06


23rd June 2003 11:06

23rd June 2003 11:06

The rifle they have now is fine.

23rd June 2003 08:06


22nd June 2003 08:06

22nd June 2003 07:06

I think you are confused :). The F-117A has fighter and attack capability which is why you have the...

22nd June 2003 06:06

Originally posted by Omen65 I'm sure I don't know why they picked the name they did for the F-117,...

22nd June 2003 05:06

Go away... No one knows, not even the mod teams, they come out when they are done.

20th June 2003 09:06

The man is gonna make you remove it. Too big. And shouldn't it say Nothing's Safe rather then Nothin...

20th June 2003 05:06

:moon: :moon: :dance: :dance: :dance: :moon: :moon:

20th June 2003 04:06