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i know the demo had lots of prob's with ge4's

13th September 2002 08:09

or what about some good ole potato guns???

14th September 2002 05:09

HAHAHAHA thats funniest thing ive ever heard!!!!

15th September 2002 09:09

of course the dumbass did..... which is why i dont trust files that people put on fourms :uhm:

16th September 2002 06:09

oh i think everyone tried to jump out of the boats when they first got the demo's lol

16th September 2002 06:09

lol gauntlet just wanted a oppurtinaty to show off his specs. HAHA

16th September 2002 11:09

im up for it!! just mail me @ [email][/email]!!

19th September 2002 08:09

thats so true

19th September 2002 09:09

or they could give the eng. a combat shotgun with pump action so it still has the same bolt type act...

20th September 2002 08:09

open them with some other img program like photoshop or something paint dosent work then you save th...

21st September 2002 07:09

dude dirkus judgeing by the amount of posts you have you havent been here long..... i belive sith be...

28th September 2002 11:09

i downloaded it and its for spdemo only :(

29th September 2002 04:09


29th September 2002 11:09

uhhhhhhh thats not the red barron plane though...

24th October 2002 09:10

oh i never thought of that :eek:

26th October 2002 10:10