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he decided his socks were to low.:D

28th March 2003 05:03

I'm expecting some problems with the mortars.

28th March 2003 10:03

I downloaded it and it works fine for me.It's not a bad mod.

29th March 2003 07:03

I think the same thing about the flamethrower and the Axis bike keeps falling thru the bridge but st...

29th March 2003 07:03

This guy has been having back pain,I wonder why?:eek: :)

2nd April 2003 20:04

It didn't post it,I hope it did this time.

2nd April 2003 20:04

That looks cool,I'll probably get it.

4th April 2003 21:04

I just wanted to say those are nice sigs.:rock: :dance:

23rd April 2003 05:04

Your right I forgot you could edit it then I had already posted the other one then I fixed the first...

23rd April 2003 08:04

I don't sleep much either.Hey vanthem I think I saw you on a EoD server about an hour ago.I was play...

7th June 2003 10:06

The one I use is called fraps which isn't that bad if you have a good system.You can get it at www.f...

12th June 2003 10:06

uh oh :(

24th June 2003 04:06

Only one thing can describe this ss = :eek:

24th June 2003 05:06

I think you can tell that the last thing this poor guy saw was a nuke from a b-17.

5th July 2003 10:07