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"you'll find me in the stug"

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looks sweet

17th August 2004 16:08

yeh try looking at the tanks when u can see the hole player model .. i have to agree with some tan...

27th August 2005 17:08

ok first of FHs stug apart from looking good to way to big ... the stug should only be about 1 head...

6th April 2005 20:04

all of you stop your bitching and drink beer

21st April 2005 19:04

sounds cool .. but how are the commies suposed to use the morters

10th May 2005 13:05

is the KATE a 3 seater .... it look like it .... im shure it had a rear MG gunner, piolt and a bomme...

21st May 2005 08:05

hello all this is just a small thing that i would like to see done with the german halftracks. atm...

30th May 2005 10:05

STUG STUG STUG the stug is so coll i even made a stug version of 50CENTs in the pub here it is...

30th May 2005 14:05

hey donitz i have been on holidays for a bit ... sory i didnt contact you can u give me the addr...

27th July 2005 12:07

WOW holy crap thoes panzer 3s look amazing GREAT JOB just a few comments tho in every pic of a DA...

2nd August 2005 13:08

can we fly the albatrosses are they an allied or axis bird

23rd August 2005 12:08

yeh id have a to say there need to be more germany vs russia maps .... i still feel as if that secti...

29th August 2005 05:08

yeh i cant stand that bloddy greayhound something has to be done about it

17th March 2005 17:03

well im australian and i outright refuse to play any country other than germany if there was a a...

3rd September 2005 19:09

hey k 96 i noticed that new homnag in your avatar how about showing us the full pic.

4th September 2005 09:09

Dr.FritzWhat are they? As in what are they called? its an owen gun .. the aussie sten gun basicly...

4th September 2005 13:09

compare this to the real stg 44 above if the image didnt work look at the thing on the right o...

5th September 2005 13:09

the wurfgerat 40 needs to be on more maps!

6th September 2005 14:09

plz be stug plz be stug plz be stug plz be stug plz be stug plz be stug man i dont realy care w...

6th September 2005 16:09

hell yeh AUSSIE PRIDE...........finally thankyou so much thank you armin ace for your great[colo...

13th September 2005 12:09

REDONE STUG plz if i see another black stug i will go crazy

16th September 2005 14:09

wow duke of holland its an honor to have you on the team thoes building are beautiful

20th September 2005 07:09

driver u are so full of shit

20th March 2005 08:03

jeez man give it a rest .. who gives a shit whos website is better what matters is which is the bett...

16th March 2005 15:03

hey will the sandbags on the panzer 3 N do anything?

20th September 2005 08:09