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D/ling... Give you the list of bugs in max. an hour.

10th April 2006 16:04

Ok,the map is great and fun. I've noticed three bugs: -There are invisible platforms in connection w...

10th April 2006 17:04

To *God*: Go to gametoast=>forums=>released maps & mods and check them all out there are v...

10th April 2006 19:04

And the Jedi Starfighter gets hit by a proton missile and goes: BOOOOOOOOOMM!:evilgrin::devil:

10th April 2006 19:04

[quote=Wraith 5]Thanks.[/quote/] I have hopefully fixed the invisible platforms. The jumping was pro...

10th April 2006 19:04

Wraith 5Thanks. I have hopefully fixed the invisible platforms. The jumping was programming from a p...

10th April 2006 19:04

Well,edit what?

10th April 2006 19:04

Modable Mygeeto has only Engineer and Commander in it for the REP.

10th April 2006 19:04

The Venator is the Rep capital ship. You know,red and white and...well you get the point. Well,if yo...

12th April 2006 19:04

composite-beam:I mean what do you want to edit:-weapons for units(use hex)...

10th April 2006 20:04

Yep,Squirrel's right,the lvl is what the level contains. The map is the map(which only the author ha...

10th April 2006 20:04

It's Clone Wars:Geonosis from Arcane_penguin,but I can't explain

10th April 2006 20:04

Hey,if we can't use orbital strike in SWBFII,why not try to make one? Actually,a map with 1 Cap. shi...

10th April 2006 20:04

I'd have to go with more characters: -Anakin/Vader -Plo Koon -Darth Revan -Oppo Rancisis -Voolvif Mo...

10th April 2006 20:04

Well,I hope it will work!

10th April 2006 21:04

Ohhh....... Then I don't know what to do,srry.

11th April 2006 00:04

Well,try this for the troop reskin:http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Kashyyyk_Kachirio_L...

11th April 2006 19:04

BTW,if you need a beta tester,just give me the d/l link!

12th April 2006 00:04

Well,the Republic first used the AT-ATs/Imperial Walkers on Jabiim against the Seps,so,if someone is...

16th April 2006 22:04

Sorry,I thought you needed one for BFII. I don't know where you can get one for BFI.

17th April 2006 00:04

1).wtf? 2).wtf? 3).You select water in zero editor and place it

10th April 2006 12:04

Well,here's my wishlist: -V-Wing Tie Fighter sounds -V-Wing Blasters instead of Shotguns -MagnaGuard...

26th May 2006 19:05

Ok,guys,post your funny BFII screenies here(with description,plz). Here are my own pics: -Rainbow dr...

8th May 2006 22:05

Yes,I'm reffering to BF2 as well[Hex edit the Naboo Plains map for BF2(ask for permission from the a...

9th May 2006 20:05


10th May 2006 18:05