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i have been havin a problem isolatin the sheilds from the hull, no matter wat, there are always shei...

22nd August 2002 02:08

that is true..... u just need to copy one in, then add the data also, all avm mods have an auto inst...

19th October 2002 00:10

i think this sounds important.... ill sticky it for you :P

23rd November 2002 05:11

lol i saw the topic name, and wondered: y is someone damning me?? wat did i do this time next time...

8th November 2002 02:11

thats right MaP, tell him!! :P

29th October 2002 05:10

ok, ill do them for u, send them to me [email][/email]

28th October 2002 22:10

yes i thought better of that map ;) but if son of vegeta needs some converting, i will do it for him...

27th October 2002 18:10

hehe i remember good old battle stations..... i had that installed into my a1

27th October 2002 17:10

yep that should be it

20th October 2002 06:10

shouldnt be a problem, install BI2, then install avm..... that should work perfectly.... keeep in mi...

20th October 2002 00:10

humm..... wat is this about??

19th October 2002 00:10

problem with the ring? the problem is u cant texute the inside, right? thats because ur using an o...

24th November 2002 15:11

ya u got me real confused there ;)

17th October 2002 22:10

hummm??? ok u can over write the galaxy seperator, simply add the weapon to the ship u want to seper...

17th October 2002 00:10

for those who havent seen my nice little shuttle here it is should make a nice addition to avm ;) d...

14th October 2002 00:10

sorry porty, but wat 'other' post?? just curious hehe

12th October 2002 01:10

nnnnnnnnnnnnoooo.... they are?? LOL well i have to say im glad too :D though it seems like i harly u...

12th October 2002 01:10

yep i have to agree with everything porty said there... :D

12th October 2002 01:10

u just confused me spectre, but i know from voy that warp 10 means u are in every place in the unive...

24th September 2002 20:09

well it works a lot better now, i had noticed problems with this before :)

24th September 2002 00:09

well this certainly sounds like an intresting project...

21st September 2002 16:09

sorry to say silver this has already been done with the fusion scripts, infact i know the guy who di...

24th November 2002 15:11

umm u mean alpha channels?? well it depends if u just are using a sprite or not.....

24th November 2002 15:11

thanx to captin fingers for doin his SC-4 shuttle craft, i am preparing to release AVM's first submo...

7th September 2002 21:09

ha never saw that... ill have to ask him bout that one :eek:

8th December 2002 22:12