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Try to find a program PAKSCAPE here are a couple of links http://homepages.compuserve.de/sil3ncer0...

31st January 2003 01:01

Please send the steps ,you take for your skin. Maybe i see the problem GreetingS walsie

31st January 2003 01:01

i have the same problem this is what i did, and it works. Go to your base and look of this files ar...

1st March 2003 04:03


16th May 2003 20:05

There are 5 jpg files of the ak74, make sure that you pick te bigest one. And make sure you save it...

30th January 2003 05:01

Try this Console down ( ~ ) and type map air1 Now you get the first stage of the airport level

16th May 2003 22:05


23rd May 2003 01:05

Yeah give use the beta.

23rd May 2003 18:05

Go to http://www.modsonline.com and d/l there the tut mvoie room101 and room102 http://www.modsonl...

29th May 2003 05:05

Try to search in the forums, this question is ask a 1000 times

3rd June 2003 22:06

Why a zipfile and then extract it ???? Don't make a zip file just put the pk3 file in your base/mp...

27th January 2003 23:01

Try this http://www.gdconnect.com/ Here can you find all kind of shit to learn it I think this is y...

17th September 2002 02:09

why don't you d/l the patch. Is it because you and your clan can cheat. Hahaha i don't think that p...

14th December 2002 23:12

Hey try to get your answer at Marko and Pharao_FS forum, they will give you all the answers you need...

15th October 2002 22:10

are you playing on a server with the maps

9th November 2002 01:11

You most place the pk3 file in your /BASE and not in your BASE/MAPS Walsie

10th November 2002 01:11

Go here and ask your question http://pharao-fs.ravencommunity.net/iv/index.php

29th November 2002 04:11

Hey all, I have a question. When i play mp the textures are all black and white. Do you guess hav...

7th December 2002 00:12

What other forum

7th December 2002 17:12

Hey Start your onw server and disable all weapons and ammo. That's fun Realy a game for a pro like...

15th December 2002 01:12

Mail je probleem even hier heen en in het nederlands, misschien kan ik je helpen [email]kapiteinha...

17th December 2002 00:12


1st January 2003 02:01

there are only 3 single player maps. Leon 2-1 Leon 2-2 npc test

5th July 2003 21:07