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Hey thanks guys; but where can I buy a Y-adapter I googled it and I don't know which one to buy caus...

15th June 2005 01:06

Hey, I just finished building my computer :) :) :) and it runs great thanks for the help guys (pe...

25th June 2005 14:06

Can someone please tell me if their is a guide somewhere to all the awards and junk you can unlock?...

29th June 2005 11:06

I admit the game was rather...disappointing as opposed to how the demo made you think the game was....

29th June 2005 12:06

Thanks Shady It's exactly what I was looking for.

29th June 2005 13:06

Rator honestly, are really that dumb? Co-op is for the people that want to play over the internet or...

30th June 2005 03:06

Me and my friend used to play Garry's mod together on a 2 person server, but after we downloaded 8.3...

5th July 2005 08:07

I could turn ff my firewall it just didn't help any. I literally just built this computer, there is...

9th July 2005 12:07

We aren't connected over LAN.

7th July 2005 07:07

Ok When I put in my Sims 2 install disk It brings up a menu that tells you to select which language...

7th July 2005 11:07

I didn't have the game installed on this machine before. I had it installed on my old computer. I tr...

8th July 2005 03:07

OK I think it is the scratches It doesn't work in my old computer either.

8th July 2005 09:07

They are how long you can sprint with that pack. noob

9th July 2005 05:07

Just a little joke jeesh. You guys are saying a lot worse to me then to what I said to him. And to r...

9th July 2005 12:07

You drunk Mastards! Lol play on words.

28th February 2004 14:02

You drunk Mastards! Lol play on words.

28th February 2004 14:02

hahahaha u expect people to pay to join a clan pbtth ya riiight

7th July 2003 11:07

also if u dont want to contact me here email me at [email]alexmcmullen@cox.net[/email]

8th September 2003 04:09

ok i take a lot of screens in bf1942 and i want the hud off from now on and whenever i type hud off...

16th October 2003 13:10

Read All The Fricken Post Before U Post Something #11 Already Said That!!!

9th October 2003 07:10

jeez im sorry i got mistaken omg and dont flame me cuz im 12

8th October 2003 08:10

ya i used ms paint

4th October 2003 07:10

ty i made it myself

4th October 2003 02:10

hey major pita i sent u an email nm i guess u got it and thanx man and u too ww2dude

4th October 2003 02:10

thanks ww2 dude and pita but pita do u host it free?

4th October 2003 01:10