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any takers? :rock: Ill even model it if someone else does all the other crap.

8th November 2003 10:11

where is jon sterwart politically?

25th June 2006 08:06

You guys really ought to try rome total realism, it's hardcore, the map is way bigger, and you play...

24th June 2006 12:06

also big business love small businesses because they cover a section of the market they don't have t...

24th June 2006 15:06

no, just a positive side-effect though, as a profit venture, Iraq hasn't been very successful imo

24th June 2006 16:06

Safe KeeperThe US has a small government, and the Republican party's corrupt as a bad software file....

25th June 2006 03:06

I don't care about his politics, he just isn't funny.

25th June 2006 04:06

I can sit through his show and not laugh once, he's extremely smug and has a huge ego. I hate that.

25th June 2006 05:06

Colberts hilarious, but he needs to switch sides one of these days so he can imitate liberals.

25th June 2006 05:06

Safe KeeperYou're denying them the right to marry within the gender their sexual preference attracts...

25th June 2006 07:06

Safe KeeperAll rights were invented out of thin air, from the right to express yourself to the right...

25th June 2006 08:06

so, are you saying the second in command of the iraqi airforce is lying?

24th June 2006 08:06

NemmerleYou haven't actually, you've said churches should be able to decide and as under those condi...

25th June 2006 09:06

Safe KeeperBush&Co.'s amendment that specified marriage as a union between a man and a woman was...

25th June 2006 09:06

i thought the second death star was just left over pieces of the first....:o

25th June 2006 14:06

Safe KeeperNo, they don't. Yes, you have the give the State more money, but you have more money in t...

26th June 2006 04:06

Unfortunately the totalitarians here can't see that it's their policies that have lead to tyranny ti...

26th June 2006 10:06

a "social democracy" i would argue is not much more democratic than the USSR

26th June 2006 10:06

it's already happening, some woman recently "married" a dolphine. what we have to wait for is the le...

26th June 2006 10:06

no, it's much more than a first step. it's the whole issue of society voting away the rights of indi...

26th June 2006 11:06

that's not a body count

24th June 2006 09:06

IR15HIf Saddam had functional WMD's why the hell would he give them all away when he was being attac...

24th June 2006 07:06

Without rights what is there to stop tyranny? Without property rights what is there to stop gov't an...

26th June 2006 13:06

people should be able to say whatever they want

24th June 2006 03:06

http://www.sipri.org/ has a number of reports about the arms transfers to Iraq, it shows that a numb...

23rd June 2006 11:06