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I like ArcticStrongHold, Crossfire, Dawn and Icarus.

7th June 2004 09:06

Is UTComp a separate program or just a mutator that you put in the System folder? Sorry, I'm a n00b.

7th July 2004 19:07

Anyone apply the new patch yet? How is it? Any crashes or stability problems? *relives the horror of...

5th September 2004 19:09

@@@Warà@@Hawk Is this right if I want War to be black and Hawk to be red?

7th July 2004 19:07

Don't most UT servers kick and ban lamaz like that?

7th June 2004 13:06

1. Sometimes when I drive the Levi and want to fire its big cannon, it won't let me. I get a buzz li...

28th June 2004 04:06

Actually I've been shot down several times by the Levi in my Raptor. Guess I'm just not good enough...

22nd June 2004 22:06

I'm meticulous about virus safety. I'll install the patch after I read up about any side effects it...

17th June 2004 12:06

So if I didn't get the problem before, I shouldn't get it after installing the patch?

17th June 2004 08:06

This patch was just put out and is supposed to eliminate the crashes that have plagued ONS players s...

16th June 2004 23:06

Well it's only in Onslaught. In other game types, it's fine. Atari needs to release a patch for the...

7th June 2004 21:06

CPU Speed AND Type: 1.4 GHz, AMD Athlon Tbird RAM Capacity: 512 MB DDR Video Card: ATI Radeon 64...

7th June 2004 13:06

I'm still a new player, so I do best with the link gun, the Avril, the flak gun and mini gun.

7th June 2004 13:06


6th September 2004 13:09