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I'm trying to mod my JKA game so that the single player Force Absorb and Protect effects (dark blue,...

11th January 2009 20:01

where was the picture above from anyway??

11th January 2009 20:01

Hey all, does anyone know the name for Tavion's death animation, when playing the light-side ending?...

15th January 2009 05:01

Just in game, i haven't been able to get modview to work unfortunately

15th January 2009 07:01

Thanks crazy assassin! That actually helps, at least i know where the animation is now! Thank you

15th January 2009 19:01

I tried to find a solution to this a month ago. Unfortunately i couldn't find one. I replaced all th...

29th January 2009 00:01

As far as i know, the only way to edit a map is to have the .map file. The files that come in the ga...

29th January 2009 23:01

I've been having a problem with several triggers, including the trigger_once. I can't seem to be abl...

30th January 2009 06:01

Thanks you guys! It's all working now!!!!

31st January 2009 02:01

Does anyone know how to make a camera rotate around a certain point using Behaved?

31st January 2009 02:01

I've searched the forums and tutorials for any mention of how to add a custom npc to a map, but i ca...

1st September 2009 22:09

Gosh that was simple! Thanks :)

1st September 2009 23:09

I've been researching whether Kotor 2 is capable of using a free camera mode. Youtube shows a few sc...

8th November 2009 02:11

[COLOR=black]Hey everyone, i've searched the forums, and i'm not sure whether my question has alread...

6th January 2010 12:01

Maybe. I know it's possible to have both the first officer chair and "guest chair" occupied in Quick...

6th January 2010 12:01