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Oh, yes But I dont remember that the swedes had the courage to fight....

30th December 2008 01:12

torenico;4745290Can i ask you, where you from? Yes, Im from Turku (Åbo) Finland... You have a prob...

30th December 2008 04:12

Sorry, my bad. I really dont have anything against swedes. But still, will someone make Finnish weap...

30th December 2008 05:12

Finns hate swedes and ruskies. That has been a fact in over 200 years, the day when we became a vass...

30th December 2008 07:12

I dont hate! I just say what other finns( not you) think. At least all of the finnish speaking finns...

30th December 2008 17:12

DP= emma

31st December 2008 16:12

You shouldnt NEVER bail a tank. Thats so retarded. Of course if you are somewheres safe and repairin...

4th January 2009 17:01

I hope for american skins...

2nd January 2009 22:01

Flyboy1942;4750742 I'm guessing we get to see some new statics...maybe a church. :) There is in on...

3rd January 2009 04:01

I say Brumbar, Kingtiger and motorbike

3rd January 2009 07:01

Nice swimmwagon, its gonna have many adventures;P

3rd January 2009 07:01

Hope you fix the crusader mk3, its drop and damage is ridiculous, reloadtime also.

4th January 2009 02:01

spitfire05;4751855eee what do you mean? Drop, its not capable to have a long range battle, for exam...

4th January 2009 04:01

@ all: every card over 8600 series has this bug, sometimes an update is enough to fix this.

4th January 2009 08:01

Might have been a glitch also, I asked one who really knows FH2 tanks well and he said that some tan...

4th January 2009 17:01

How do you fix it.

12th January 2009 04:01

Wasnt this that what was a great failure. Ive read about this in a history-magazine and they said th...

17th January 2009 00:01

There is a hitbugfixer, but I dont see it work. Hope it will get fixed to 1.5. P.S; I survived 2 mg...

28th December 2008 17:12

Its way more fun to knife noobsnipers than shoot them. And remember to t-bag them ^^

17th February 2009 23:02

How about making FH2 128 player version? Would be so cool.

6th February 2009 13:02

If theres bunkerflags at the beach like in FH1, why not make them spawnable for allies only? That wo...

7th February 2009 17:02

Cuz they dont know that they didnt have k98.

8th February 2009 19:02

I have a shovel done, you want it for the germans? But there could be dirt on their trousers so the...

9th February 2009 13:02

'LIGHTNING [NL;4799260'] We already have one (it's on the (African) German playermodel). I mean as...

9th February 2009 20:02


10th February 2009 12:02