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Can you run 'n gun with an MG 42???!

17th February 2009 22:02

Im going with a tank or playermodels, probably all handweapons have been modelled.

20th February 2009 04:02

Why cant just people just shut up and try to think this is an bad idea to ban some pictures. Just li...

5th February 2009 04:02

Do airplane cannons really cause that kind of destruction to the ground (the red hot puffs and black...

21st February 2009 02:02

Or winrar...

23rd February 2009 04:02

You cant install it anymore :(

23rd February 2009 12:02

Ts4EVER;4814622"Shoot down a plane with a tank" . -Done "Shoot down a Plane with a rifle" -Done "K...

25th February 2009 01:02


5th March 2009 13:03

8000 What strong? Otherwise it would be some small religion or some other group..

6th March 2009 01:03

Lol, string theorists :P

6th March 2009 12:03

Best kenny death ever! And Family guy aired a new episode to.

13th March 2009 11:03

Thats ingame, you go to settings > video ( I think ) and then change lightning. This will only br...

6th February 2009 03:02

No update?

5th February 2009 04:02

As operation Chariot in St:Nazerie.

17th January 2009 03:01

Keep updating drivers, the last one came 22nd of january.

28th January 2009 03:01

The crusader got downpowered in 2.15. But the PZGR40 deflects easier than normal ammo.

17th January 2009 08:01

I still want mah shovel!

20th January 2009 13:01

This tshirt owns all pea coats...

21st January 2009 01:01

Now wheres my shovel w/ dirtpile, I wanna dig tunnels!

21st January 2009 04:01

Cadyshack;4779780 Quite funny. Actually: Spoiler: Show I remembet that battle, was fun with the...

24th January 2009 19:01


25th January 2009 05:01

Why make all sights in fh to the notch? Would be better I guess.

26th January 2009 23:01

Cant drop IEDs anymore.

27th January 2009 00:01

When you dont mind being hit by a car, you will respawn in 20 seconds...

29th January 2009 17:01

Think PR is to serious, has all the crazy 6 sec sniper and the 20min tankspawn... thats just overkil...

5th February 2009 04:02