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HGen_SnakeMaking camo with it is really easy too. All you have to do is this: (IF you have the prog)...

16th February 2005 18:02

M1GarandSharpShooterLink worked for me peopel just dont know how to get around a little link "right...

12th February 2005 06:02

sohvicelordhttp://www.mdcclanservers.com/downloads/mods/RealWar_V2.zip This link doesnt work eathe...

11th February 2005 23:02

download dont work. ----- The page cannot be found The page you are looking for might have been r...

10th February 2005 02:02

lol, i wud hav sworn there was a way to chrome weapons so they shine like the windows do, but it see...

5th February 2005 01:02

how big is the mod now?

5th February 2005 01:02

fewzz u live in england? coz i do, i might be able to upload it if its ok with snake

3rd February 2005 03:02

add me on msn and ill send u the crosshair fixed and how i fixed it (its pritty hard to explain.. [...

3rd February 2005 03:02

reinstall it

29th January 2005 22:01

wow, looks complicated yet easy. lol

29th January 2005 18:01

i cud help, do u wnt to send me the crosshair thro msn n ill help u? -- [email]colossuss@hotmail.c...

29th January 2005 03:01

that wud b a gd idea, how much scrptin does it involve

27th January 2005 23:01

i mite be able to, u may aswell just post it and see wot replys u get. i have a problem to, the mo...

25th October 2005 02:10