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Hey, i quit that lousy clan :) Neway, theres a clan site, called www.martysclanfinder.com and they h...

11th August 2002 00:08

when i do single player,,it always freezes!!!!!!! multiplyer, no. Is it the Irez thing i downloaded?...

14th August 2002 15:08

to be honest, ive never done black, i usually do ^1W^2e^3e^4z^5e^6r :assimilate: :assimilate: :assim...

18th August 2002 17:08

hey, im starting a new target practice mod of our most hated, annoying voyager member, TUVOK. It wil...

17th August 2002 11:08

it was irez.

16th August 2002 14:08


15th August 2002 16:08

sorry i dont konw how to.......:(

13th August 2002 16:08

to do mods, heres what you do. 1.:Unzip it with winzip. 2.:Do NOT!!!!! unzip it to base EF 3.:Right...

12th August 2002 21:08

you gotta cheat. pause the game and type in the consil /god Then hold off the enemys long eneough, b...

12th August 2002 19:08

why would you wanna cheat anyway?:confused:

12th August 2002 02:08