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Will there be 0.6 to 0.65 installer or it will only be full clinet?

16th September 2004 07:09

heres mine ( got image off google) Spoiler: Show prepare to be amazed!! Spoiler: Show

12th November 2007 23:11

Hi I am looking for a template for my website, im not sure what i want its "theme" to be. Maybe Mili...

26th November 2007 23:11

Does anyone know of sites that have free photoshop plug ins that make a image look like a drawing/ca...

26th November 2007 21:11

oops wrong section... mod plz move to graphics...

18th November 2007 19:11

I want to know what font this is:

18th November 2007 17:11

Can some one tell me how to edit a Weapon model and a Player model?

15th November 2007 22:11

... how come on ur quote the second spoiler in the spoiler didnt show?

12th November 2007 23:11

Sovereign001;4031747serenity, nice ship, great movie :D[/quote] agreed... [quote=S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;403...

12th November 2007 23:11

Here's mine(original pic): Spoiler: Show With icons: Spoiler: Show

12th November 2007 22:11

I gots a couple lvl 40+ rogues but i cant play it due to my pc problems

12th November 2007 21:11

ok.... then im confused cuz i followed the instructions on how to install the new driver..

12th November 2007 21:11

I think i installed the First one on that page.... was that the right 1?

12th November 2007 21:11

oh... do i have to install both on the driver page.

12th November 2007 21:11

It says i don't need a installation with the direct x thing. and Huh to above post

12th November 2007 21:11

i pretty sure i updated my driver yesterday( i did the first 1.).... and idk how to reinstall direct...

12th November 2007 21:11

ok here. and http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t109/masteryoda48/help4.jpg http://i158.photobucket...

12th November 2007 21:11

On some of my games i get this errors: http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t109/masteryoda48/help2.jp...

12th November 2007 19:11

Umm ok... yea thats game is werid..

6th November 2007 21:11

How do u make your own songs on FoF?

6th November 2007 03:11

What are some Guitar Hero like games for the PC that u can use the keyboard.(other that FoF which i...

6th November 2007 00:11

How can i tell what my pc specs are?

6th November 2007 00:11

Ugh... and who would look for TF2 in half life... lol

26th January 2008 01:01

Fixed magic of teh System Restore!

16th February 2008 04:02

Heres my new one. Spoiler: Show I made the saber blade, the rest are renders, except the "serenit...

12th February 2008 00:02