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You could be talking about the Shrub mod. You can throw 8 or 10 grenades at once if it is in Fun mo...

15th August 2002 23:08

Here are some: In console ~ type: /bind kp_home playdead Also use this to stop playing dead. /bin...

20th June 2003 22:06

Get mml_church_b3.pk3. It changes the spawn times depending on what happens during the game.

5th June 2003 03:06

I do not know what version of the demo he has. He said that he got a shrubmod version that worked w...

24th May 2003 04:05


24th May 2003 03:05

I guess you are talking about Shrub mod. I bind a key to alt. /bind kp_del alt When on cannister,...

20th May 2003 14:05

Codey (the mapper) said he pulled them from distribution. He has a couple of bugs to work out.

18th May 2003 23:05

Yep. The one with the 2 pipes. Another screenshot of it:

25th April 2003 04:04

Is it played in MP or CP? Maybe when you "create a server" you have the wrong one on.

24th September 2003 18:09

Well, those are just for those mods. Bani mod: seta g_banner1 "message1" through seta g_banner8 "m...

24th April 2003 05:04

The message on the loading screen is the motd (message of the day). seta g_motd "melvins Ohau serve...

24th April 2003 04:04

I did a quick run around on the map. Looks great. I did see a couple of things. While I was in th...

23rd April 2003 21:04

Ok melvin. I will answer your questions. 1. You did not delete the skin pack. It is called: mp_...

22nd April 2003 02:04

Jim. Have you gotten the girl voices to work without the skins yet?

11th April 2003 22:04

I thought his questions were answered. He is just having a hard time understanding. Jim: Is there...

31st March 2003 05:03

Shrub mod has features to let you get more grenades and different guns and more ammo. You could also...

27th March 2003 16:03

Thanks for the ammo. Here's some med packs for you.

25th March 2003 02:03

Quit your crying and give me AMMO!!

24th March 2003 22:03


24th September 2003 18:09


17th March 2003 02:03

Try one of these versions: http://www.etstats.com/shrubet

21st July 2004 19:07

Try this one: http://wolfmap.de.gaming-networks.net/index.php?module=filebase&type=file&ref...

17th July 2004 09:07

seta g_instagib "1"

14th July 2004 08:07

The map is mp_bdc. The long name is Beach Death Chamber. I don't know where to download it unless...

25th June 2004 16:06

Open your etmain folder. Look for the file called objectivecycle.cfg. That is a map rotation. Put...

11th June 2004 14:06