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make a singleplayer map?

12th July 2004 07:07

I'd like to join can I? My in game name is: Shadow Lyra. Thanks

10th November 2004 16:11

500 000, with no cheats or mods.

16th September 2005 17:09

Exactly how do I get my character to sit, sleep kneel and things like that in JA in my own server?

16th September 2005 17:09

Oh okay thank you.

14th December 2004 06:12

Whenever I create a server it disappears as soon as I leave it. How do I create a server that never...

13th December 2004 17:12

For some reason in singleplayer my lightsaber is always yellow I tried deleting all mods even reinst...

21st November 2004 08:11

How do I make my own server and have it run 24/7 even when I'm not online?

12th November 2004 14:11

Can you please make me one of Bastila from Kotor! please

20th September 2004 17:09

that was stupid and clearly made up.

31st July 2004 15:07

Need members for The United Forces! :uhoh: :cya: okay can i join?

1st August 2004 17:08

do u like kotor i love it its great im sorry but i don't know answers to your questions.

1st August 2004 17:08

make me the Padme with the scratch on her back replace Kyle in singleplayer. thx in advance

1st August 2004 12:08

okay i don't understand how to do it so i'll post what i need and i hope someone can do it for me....

1st August 2004 12:08

is it possible to replace Kyle with someone else's work for instance one of the Padmes is cool can i...

1st August 2004 10:08

[color=black]replace the writing in the begining star wars movie part in JK2? Does anyone know how t...

1st August 2004 09:08

But I don't want to download the whole thing cause its gigantic, all I want is the emotes, is there...

17th September 2005 05:09