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I finally got my patch working, and the lightning sounds great!

19th March 2007 21:03

Makes just as much, if not more sense than any other religion.

27th April 2008 06:04

Cheomesh;4309705I think the biggest problem with mines is that we can only lay 3(?) at a time; consi...

18th April 2008 20:04

Sorry, did not know about that. Being a typical American, I do not know much about the rest of the...

18th April 2008 20:04

bizness;4309801 About the The Gebalt Ladung, something is weird. They throw it like you said at the...

18th April 2008 20:04

From the FH2 Wiki: Pilot kits These kits contain a parachute and a pistol. You cannot capture con...

18th April 2008 21:04

FALCON PAWNCH!! EDIT: damn...oh well, still works...kinda...

18th April 2008 21:04

weird how everything is in Dutch (I think?) except "Anti Tank". Oh well. Pwns vanilla up, down,...

18th April 2008 22:04

Add one letter

20th April 2008 07:04

Cl0S3D;4312873anlushac whats with you and dancing-anime avatars? I liked the old one. It was more....

22nd April 2008 01:04

Fenring's new name is Paul and Dark Pepe's new name is Peter. The fat guy seems more umm...informed...

26th April 2008 09:04

Just make more power.

26th April 2008 10:04

I like the idea of a jetpack that burns live lizards for fuel to get me to the Game Stop a few block...

26th April 2008 10:04

Von Mudra;4320567Thank you=p And Flyguy, I will never stfu about my baby... I don't think She li...

27th April 2008 05:04

Ha-Go is a better clown tank.

28th April 2008 02:04


18th April 2008 04:04

Stray03;4321720What kind of sniper uses an m4 with a scope as a sniping rifle? A bad one?

28th April 2008 02:04

29th April 2008 00:04

Funnier warning

29th April 2008 05:04

What they used before pens, ink and paper.

30th April 2008 04:04

No one (except food) likes my lizard fuel idea?

30th April 2008 04:04

Anvil is pretty hard to use without a forge.

30th April 2008 06:04

Morning Wood pwns whoever the fuck that is. (I cannot believe I just posted that...)

1st May 2008 03:05

Panther! Have fun, dude.

1st May 2008 05:05

Who first thought of this? "Hey, dude, I just gutted this pig and scraped it's intestines looking f...

1st May 2008 12:05