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I've made a modded berlin map but I'm having much difficulty in getting the game to load my custom l...

12th November 2002 07:11

Originally posted by DARK ANGEL I agree about the expansion being a waste of $$ they added a few t...

10th January 2003 06:01

APC Kopter with Russian Texture set

12th January 2003 11:01

Russian Jeep Texture

12th January 2003 11:01

It depends on the mods you want to install. There can only be one type of willy. one type of kubel...

12th January 2003 06:01

Originally posted by OpTikN3Rv Having a single or dual browning on a jeep ok but have 2 singles or...

12th January 2003 06:01

Only downside to spawing a scout car within the landing boat seems to be the difficulty in getting o...

11th January 2003 12:01

screen of the Scout Cars placement within the Landing boat.

11th January 2003 12:01

KubelKopter in Battleaxe. English texture.

11th January 2003 12:01

Screen of current african kubel.

11th January 2003 12:01

Originally posted by VonMeyer :rolleyes: :moon:

10th January 2003 06:01

Originally posted by ATF[1st] Twitch -L Why the hell is there a tail gunner seat, waist gunner seat...

10th January 2003 06:01

You can also have sound mods installed and play multiplayer.

14th January 2003 04:01

The MG's for the Jeeps, Kubels, and landing boats are doubled. I mean this in the sense that there a...

9th January 2003 21:01

The files are not .obj You're looking for objects.rfa and again, For anyone who wants to start mod...

9th January 2003 05:01

Originally posted by Phosgene [COLOR=silver]...Think of Chimps, Monkeys, Gorillas, etc, all running...

8th January 2003 21:01

I took an extended vacation from it. I went nuts the first 3 days of christmas break, constantly co...

8th January 2003 21:01

For anyone who wants to start modding battlefield (or ANY game for that matter) READ THE TUTORIALS...

8th January 2003 20:01

Originally posted by Dietrich Give you a cookie :lol: what's odd, I was eating a cookie when I re...

8th January 2003 20:01


8th January 2003 20:01

yep yep. I'm the first VIP of the forums. *bow* donate!

8th January 2003 10:01

Originally posted by ajbird well i now have my edimensional glasses. hmmmm not quite sure what to m...

8th January 2003 03:01

Sounds good but probably won't fit on the bumper and still be legible. Your Buggered!! is my favori...

1st January 2003 23:01

I got to test the most recent version of the kamikazee mod in multiplayer with a few friends. It lo...

13th January 2003 20:01

i love it

17th January 2003 08:01