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Is it possible to set up a planet with a weapons system, and then make it so it could be captured? W...

14th November 2004 07:11

If I read this right you are trying to add an extra nacelle with the MPE. That is not possible. The...

22nd May 2004 03:05

The only problem I've noticed so far is that if an MVAM ship is an AI I cant get it to seperate on i...

1st June 2004 07:06

NX Galaxy is missing its PY files. Try installing the first release of the mod pack then the new one...

3rd June 2004 07:06

I downloaded the Asimove model and used the hardpoints from an Ambassador and just edited it to fit...

4th June 2004 05:06

That a new one on me:confused: :confused:

11th June 2004 12:06

Will you be releasing the Advanced Power Control ? If so when??? I'd love to have it.

1st November 2004 11:11

You should have a custom folder in your scripts folder. This is the path...Bridge Commander/scripts/...

14th December 2004 23:12

I 've played dominion wars on my home network so I dont see why not.

19th December 2004 01:12

did you turn the mutators on?

30th December 2004 05:12

I beleive QBR 2.3 requires engineering V0.6 or higher

30th December 2004 05:12

right!! :cool:

30th December 2004 10:12

make sure you have version 1.1 and the foundation plugin installed.

23rd March 2005 07:03

A sad day indeed. He has always been my favorite character from TOS. He truly was the "miracle worke...

22nd July 2005 13:07

I am having the exact same problem with BCMI.NET. If I use BCMI V1.3 the installer works....I guess,...

24th July 2005 06:07

bcmi has stopped working for me. I have tried reinstalling bcmi and the .net framework several times...

28th July 2005 02:07

If I'm not mistaken this was attempted in one of the earlier versions of mpmp. As far as I remember...

28th July 2005 04:07

I have to agree, Khan was great back then, but now Nemisis rules. The whole battle was awesome

10th May 2004 21:05

Never used Gmax, but IT IS expensive. Milkshape is cheaper(even if you buy the registered copy), but...

13th April 2004 11:04

Looks great.....cant wait. Have a :beer: on me

14th February 2004 08:02

Is there a camera mod out there that people are using for screen shots or what? I sure would like to...

3rd March 2004 05:03

Would it be possible to order your fleet to target sub-systems of the enemy fleet? ie: weapons or sh...

17th February 2004 03:02

You will also need Foundation, but if I'm not mistaken it is included in the BCMI.NET

18th February 2004 03:02

RemanWarbirdHi, i would like to welcome any modders here or people who want to learn how to mod to j...

23rd February 2004 12:02

Chancellor_MartokHi, I was just postin this to see what people think about dogfights. Like a Warbird...

25th February 2004 07:02
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