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Well, I have no idea why you would want that, But, I felt like tinkering with it and well, here ya g...

15th August 2004 18:08

Actually, No, They don't, this simply replaces the swoop_mp2.

15th August 2004 19:08

It shouldn't say that, as it doesn't add a vehicle, usually that means you have too many vehicles.

16th August 2004 09:08

We are a smaller clan (22-23 members) We have a server, a TS server, site, and forums. Site ww2gclan...

15th May 2005 20:05

I'm not sure why but i can't play at Depot "Bad brush number 32434546456456" is what it says. Can a...

15th May 2005 20:05

I can't connect to the gamespy server on MP. I have all the updates for the game and gamespy but it...

15th May 2005 21:05

Ok i'll try it but i don't think i have that many.

15th May 2005 21:05

I got a tip for you guys. Last week i was playing CoD and was really not doing very good. Then arou...

15th May 2005 22:05

metallica and linkin park! I just scored 81-27

16th May 2005 00:05

It's weird!

16th May 2005 02:05

I have an anti-hacker, anti-virus, firewall, and anti-hacker could that be it?:clueless:

16th May 2005 02:05

Thank both of you so much I adjusted my filters and i closed my firewall and other stuff. And now it...

17th May 2005 05:05

When that happened to me i just retyped the CD key in the MP options! Not sure if that is what fixed...

21st May 2005 05:05

I like the M10

22nd May 2005 05:05

I was playing with a cheater just today. He was standing on the other side of the map with a shotgun...

22nd May 2005 21:05

I really suck with PCs the olny thing i'm good at CoD. But i love to play halo. I was going to cheat...

28th May 2005 20:05