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I can't find any servers, it makes me wanna: :furious:

28th September 2003 21:09

The cockpit looks a lot more realistic, I'll give you that.

10th November 2003 07:11

the site is temp shut down.

12th November 2003 08:11


11th November 2003 06:11

it looked cool, you could stick stuff into it that's in the environment around you, and it could be...

11th November 2003 06:11

I don't think it's much of a problem, I've never encountered cheaters, only cheap campers.

11th November 2003 06:11

I play neither, I prefer the orignal.

11th November 2003 06:11

9/10 because it looks like the two ships are gonna crash into each other and I like "Please follow t...

10th November 2003 08:11

yeah, they need the to fix all the bugs before they add more buggy garbage.

10th November 2003 07:11

any game can be beat in a day, spend every second playing.

10th November 2003 07:11

Night, camping with PKM's is easy.

13th November 2003 05:11

DC is laggy due to the incredible amount of lag produced by vehicles, usually aircraft. If you don't...

10th November 2003 07:11

thanx, e-mail me at [email]Patriot@sc.rr.com[/email] for any other help.

10th November 2003 07:11

8/10 like the animation, just a little too repetitive.

9th November 2003 22:11

OOO, I KNOW!!! McDonalds vs Burger King mod!

9th November 2003 22:11

The M1 Garand (both models) is good for taking out those guys in the mg nests. But the ultimate weap...

9th November 2003 22:11

yeah, that happens to me all the time and he starts hitting me like a girl and I shoot him.

9th November 2003 21:11

ooo, blurry.

9th November 2003 21:11

I'm with you. She just sat there and got captured and she gets a medal for being injured and capture...

12th November 2003 09:11

and there's the problem of: NOBODY USES THEM!

15th November 2003 21:11

This is it.

9th November 2003 11:11

If you guys didn't know this, they're re-vamping teh controls so even a pathetic n00b can fly a helo...

30th November 2003 22:11

ABF has a flamethrower.

25th January 2004 21:01

Crud You Got Here First!

14th December 2003 21:12

Best tactic: GET A JOYSTICK!

10th December 2003 06:12