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GF makes me horny

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w00t, nice job dude

10th July 2004 00:07

so you're animating the stances yourself? Is that how he holds it during the memory sequence battle...

2nd April 2005 17:04

Well, if you have JA+ multiple taunts work...and multiple taunts work on duel servers as well...So r...

8th April 2005 00:04

Can I see a close up of the face gir? Something just looks odd about it...maybe the ears or the chi...

8th April 2005 00:04

ah, this is just your pcgamemods release...it's the same as the one we got from the clan site right?

8th April 2005 00:04

it's a very sexy model...and im not a pedophile...urm, gf...oh and remember to keep us updated with...

7th April 2005 05:04


6th April 2005 07:04

damn gir, that's a kick in the nuts....

3rd April 2005 11:04

well we really don't want tatoos...just about the only way to make him original, but meh hopefully t...

3rd April 2005 01:04

and dont go to LOA server, evils!

2nd April 2005 11:04

ah, that would be very wise, maybe some tatoos or ...facial hair?, different eye color, wrinkles...a...

10th April 2005 05:04

bah, im going away for 3 days...I won't have this model when it first comes out :(

30th March 2005 23:03

omg I was so excited then died inside....too bad I don't know jack about modelling so meh

30th March 2005 14:03


29th March 2005 15:03

For blue maybe give him one shoulder pad, sorta like cloud....and both overall strap things are on h...

29th March 2005 12:03

Heh, I really don't think any visitors of this forum carry a Sephiroth voice...

29th March 2005 06:03

Well you do like voice acting...don't you have some college buds that might make a good seph?

29th March 2005 06:03

were there a lot? heh

29th March 2005 06:03

Face is looking good; anyways just wanna see that hair =0

8th April 2005 01:04

eww, kadaj + seph = bad testers

10th April 2005 05:04

lol that'll be hard, *imagines all the weezing nerds saying "Onwy teh swordz of mankind foreGGe the...

28th March 2005 16:03

Gilgamesh would be kinda hard to use in-game. With all those extra arms and all :\

23rd August 2005 21:08

Hey, HiC speaking....the only way to end this BS is to somewhat arrange matches between the supposed...

29th November 2005 11:11

Well, force powers might be useful in converting them into Magic. Such as Ice Fire and Lightning as...

30th September 2005 09:09

I did say that my input was nothing, which basically meant to nevermind my babbling...no need to alw...

29th September 2005 09:09