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I think Necs have the best Vehicles cause the Monolith is nearly unbeateble and the Destruktorlords...

11th April 2007 00:04

suport the scouts with dreads and they wont fall quickly if they r infiltrated they r harder to kill...

3rd June 2007 23:06

Anyone knows the game? i am tihnking about to buy it but i dont know if i should do it can u tell...

3rd May 2007 12:05

dont let your moral get 0 then nothing can happen bring down the moral of your opponent then u go...

3rd May 2007 12:05

the chaos for the fats heavy bolters in std start and the both deamons of course

7th May 2007 06:05

is the alliance a clan??? if yes can i join it??? and how do u call the homepage???

29th May 2007 17:05

Chaos (me ) vs Space Marines Blood river QS i build Raptors and chaos lord ( in that min, maybe th...

3rd June 2007 23:06

r u silly ??? why u insert it here??? just host the game and c what playas join

3rd June 2007 23:06

necs r good for a std rush with lord in teleport and then all troops teleport in too

3rd June 2007 23:06

Thank u very much! i will play Kasyr on std or change the map

21st April 2007 16:04

it was defenetly easy!!!

5th June 2007 21:06

if u wanna play online then buy a new game if u just wanna play then u maybe find 1 on megagames.c...

15th June 2007 17:06

turrets r shit i hate em they cant stop anything the only thing they r good for is to detect infiltr...

18th June 2007 21:06

No u cant take over the infantrie inside but u can bann them they are in the transporter and u got t...

5th July 2007 11:07

build sentinels and hellhounds but i know your problem always atack only with machines and your gua...

6th July 2007 11:07

mehh what do u want??? i like the skulls they look cool and the game gets a dark feeling because of...

31st July 2007 12:07

mmhhh maybe in DoW2 r some new companies but i hope that the old ones will be there too and maybe...

24th April 2007 22:04

I play Kasyr with necs and loose i play again and loose again! HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!

21st April 2007 02:04

I have a clan but my teammate isn`t on. And we r only 2 guys in clan so i think about changing. Iwan...

11th April 2007 14:04

Kamino is right why u ask here for a game go online in the game and ask in the lobby but if u read...

14th April 2007 19:04


11th April 2007 14:04

i play online very often my nickname is : Tos|goldrush

11th April 2007 15:04

Its easy the Necs r the best race. Ibuild on a normal (no QS) game 3 Plasmagens the Neclord and the...

11th April 2007 15:04

I`ve that problem too but i don t what it is if anyone comes in that game before the min is over it...

14th April 2007 18:04

big bug i would say i had that problem too i started a new campaign than it works

14th April 2007 18:04
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