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Haii, I've never modded or skined before but found it was really cool. I tried modeling, I didn't do...

17th July 2009 14:07

Hey Guys, Recently I noticed that there was no lenne skin from FF, I know the only diffrent is the h...

1st August 2009 14:08

Hello, I don't know if this problem has been answered before or not but everytime I start JKA both S...

5th August 2009 04:08

I have XP

5th August 2009 04:08

Im using JA+, and the only things I have im base are my clanpack, Assets 0-3 Yuna JA+ anims, jedi ho...

5th August 2009 04:08

Yes im using Xfire and The newest Ultra Utitily

5th August 2009 04:08

I just tried removing all the files and the error still happens

5th August 2009 04:08

Just tried without xfire or UU up and I still get the error this is annoying lol

5th August 2009 05:08

I even got a new version but the thing is the cds work on everyother computer then this one is all w...

5th August 2009 05:08

How would i check the graphic card... Tho my friend told me to do this analyze the computer thing, a...

5th August 2009 05:08

It says.... plug and play monitor on SiS 650 _651_M652_740

5th August 2009 05:08


6th August 2009 00:08

okay, thanks I'll use do he graphic card update

6th August 2009 01:08

Um hai, My friend wanted to know if it was possible to convert a Guild wars skin to JKA compatiable...

12th August 2009 10:08

Wel sorry I don't model or anything so I wouldn't know Jeez...

12th August 2009 11:08