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-Hi All - I'm new to this board - its nice to feel such a warm welcome indeed. don't be afraid to...

19th February 2004 08:02

again, if shit isnt fixed by tomorrow, i'm out for good. fuck this place.

2nd April 2005 03:04


2nd April 2005 03:04


2nd April 2005 03:04

..and that would mean what ? I just hope that the next pope isnt some sort of ultra-conservative...

2nd April 2005 03:04

i never noticed this thread before. thank you to all those who have posted here [ regards to nemmerl...

2nd April 2005 03:04

okay.i feel like i have to participate here, so here is my desktop as of the moment....

1st April 2005 12:04

Magic, you are much like myself in behaviour i myself find that almost scary. that says something. :...

1st April 2005 03:04

oh okay, i follow now. i think.

31st March 2005 13:03

in response to that link... "punk outfit" ?

31st March 2005 12:03

lol, trimming your own nose hair for a living, Magic ? :p

31st March 2005 05:03

lol, yeah. that would indicate something maybe

30th March 2005 13:03

drinking like that out in the sun would make me nauscious. i tend to only drink alcoholic drinks mu...

30th March 2005 06:03

thats true. I bet everything will eventually just be thrown into the Spam forum..but thats kind of...

2nd April 2005 03:04

chupa, where did you get that wallpaper? i love it.

2nd April 2005 09:04

atleast you wont have sugar coated lungs by the time your 50...as im sure i will heh.

30th March 2005 03:03

from the ones you've posted here, every single one of them has been militarily based or otherwise. t...

3rd April 2005 10:04

do you have any proof ? other wise its just heresy, and heresy is nothing but pointless gossip.

4th April 2005 06:04

you have absolutely no icons on your desktop as it would seem. that is just so...odd. but in a good...

4th April 2005 06:04

MOH:PA is pretty good, but lacks any replay value what so ever. i hate EA over dramatises the ameri...

4th April 2005 01:04

there wont be any demos for the expansion pack. i can garantee you that.

4th April 2005 00:04

Yes, Doom 3 is entirely a new engine build, but you still need a programming language in order to im...

4th April 2005 00:04

Mozilla thunderbird is an email client, as far as what i know. i dont use it myself, so i could be w...

4th April 2005 00:04

i'm not going to say anymore, at the risk that i might get quite offensive. you are quite right to...

4th April 2005 00:04

that desktop wallpaper is great. i like your sig too.

3rd April 2005 12:04