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3rd March 2003 22:03

if U're the one with the link gun it's cool :), and thnx vertigo :) my favourite is the shock rifle...

10th March 2003 03:03

i know man...cheaters are all over the world, u cant stop so u better ignore em okay?... :dance:

8th March 2003 01:03

i dont know how to see my fps:rolleyes: i tried fps 1 but it doesnt work in spearhead some one help...

8th March 2003 00:03

I like most of the gun but what i hate the most is that green laser coming at me, u cant see anythin...

6th March 2003 01:03

dont worry about doom 3, better worry about americas army soldiers:dance:

5th March 2003 21:03


4th March 2003 06:03

what aa needs is : some anti camp maps...damn i hate those ppl who have chosen assault and they camp...

4th March 2003 05:03

ati 7500 and athlon 1600+ average fps is 30/50...max i saw was bout 70 and updating my video card do...

3rd March 2003 22:03

this is bout americas army okay? i dont care if ur uncle have lost his finger...[removed] go play o...

3rd March 2003 22:03

when I start UT2003 I get an error UT2003 Build UT2003_Build_[2003-02-13_18.53] OS: Windows XP 5....

24th February 2003 19:02

i think you dont have textures. im playing quake 2 also(addicted lol) and when i dont have textures...

6th February 2003 00:02

there are so many patches and stuff so i dont know which one to pick. could someone help me out plz?...

22nd February 2003 21:02

what are the requirements? Does someone knows what the requirements are for Americas Army? Thnx al...

19th February 2003 02:02

yeah smart thinkin m8 :p hehe, all the time for ur self and ur "pc":beer:

10th February 2003 06:02

my suggestion is...buy the real one lol :p :beer: :))

7th February 2003 01:02

what a dead place :(

6th February 2003 23:02

ohh i forgot the s lol, well i meant cheats heheh

6th February 2003 03:02

[COLOR=blue]hey, i'd like to know if cheating in cz is active cuz i wanna play this game online just...

6th February 2003 03:02

yeah good idea spectre one thing is what are the requirerments? it would be nice if that was on ever...

6th February 2003 03:02

btw from holland to uk have have bout 50 ping so ADSL cant be the problem :p

6th February 2003 03:02

i have lag too sometimes with adsl but thats cuz of my brothers on internet :P TIP: download gamespy...

6th February 2003 03:02

I've heard that ppl can edit map and put ladders in it :eek: Just open a pk3 files with Winrar and...

20th June 2003 22:06