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That didn't solve it either.

27th June 2004 17:06

Could you perhaps attach one of your hardpoints so I can see how you did it?

15th August 2004 02:08

Do you mean give the Phasers identical ids? I tried that and only one Phaser fires.

14th August 2004 19:08

Is there a way to set the Phasers of TMP ships to "Single fire only" but still have the saucer Phase...

13th August 2004 23:08

Defiant...just get a console output, please.How do I do that?

15th July 2004 04:07

I already had the same idea. It seems to work now. Thanks!

30th June 2004 22:06

Nope, still thew same problem.

27th June 2004 03:06

Sadly those ships have already been destroyed. Which scripts do I have to move? I copied the Setup...

27th June 2004 02:06

Can't I just replace the faulty script file with a file on the cd instead of doing a complete reinst...

27th June 2004 00:06

Also, try bringing different ships. Bring the San Francisco along, or the Geronimo with you. Korbus...

26th June 2004 21:06

I'm in the last mission where I have to make contact to the Kessok. A Romulan and a klingon ship hav...

25th June 2004 05:06

It sounds like a problem with one of the script files. Most kVort variants use the same files names...

25th June 2004 05:06

1. Every time I add one or several Kvort cruisers (from the enemies of life expansion) to a QB (eith...

24th June 2004 01:06

It's been more than a year since the last post. Is it allowed to ask when the ships will be up? Or h...

23rd June 2004 02:06