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hello and welcome every body im a new member here just wanted to say and hi :) :D :nodding:

3rd November 2004 23:11

hello and welcome to gaming fourms

5th January 2005 15:01

welcome to GF

15th January 2005 19:01

hey how r u doin gaming fourms? i know its been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time sinc...

2nd March 2006 19:03

hey, i didnt came in this fourms since, 2004

2nd March 2006 19:03

oh ok. can i change my name btw?

2nd March 2006 20:03

i used to be here loong time ago but i had some problems so i had to cut down all the fourms stuff

2nd March 2006 20:03

^^^ not funny. and is it just me or this is becoming a free posting thread?

2nd March 2006 20:03

oh. its been a while on fourms for me

2nd March 2006 20:03

Rpk 7.62 Mm Now Thats The Stuff Which Works

3rd March 2006 15:03

1)Ofcourse I’m a: male 2)In which country do you live? KSA 3)What’s you...

4th March 2006 15:03

heh. today is the day. im going to ride in with my cousion who owns a datsun. im going to take a met...

9th March 2006 09:03

there is this dude, who lives near my house, he is a pain in the ass he starts to taunt me and go ru...

8th March 2006 19:03

euro trip. great movie :D

7th March 2006 17:03

hi im making a new sig so i was wondering how can i make it small?:confused: thanks

5th March 2006 18:03

i feel u, my uncled died when i was 6 year old

6th March 2006 12:03

thats nice. remined me of CS lol

6th March 2006 11:03

its nice. but try to change the blue plz

5th March 2006 18:03

welcome to GF

16th December 2004 15:12

thanx u but i want to know hoew to do an avatar :confused: :confused:

3rd November 2004 23:11

uhhh i doono about these stuff but i think u should try: [color=red]boink[/color] welcome by the w...

12th November 2004 20:11

welcome to g.f

12th November 2004 19:11

thank you:) :) p.s: how about my new signuture

4th November 2004 13:11

:D:D:D i meant how to put it in the theard

4th November 2004 00:11

about how to make a pic sig of course

4th November 2004 00:11
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