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HE EL FUERTE YOU MOD FILE IS CORRUPTED because when i download it it wont open so can you please fix...

18th October 2006 07:10

hey is this for foc or not

4th June 2007 08:06

really were can i find it

13th June 2007 06:06

hey is there mandalorian ship for the sith or republic oor is it just for pirates

13th June 2007 05:06

if there were to be nother empire at war i would like to see the beginning of star wars to the end o...

13th June 2007 04:06

i love this mod kotor era kicks some seriuos ass so yeah i downloaded this mod and its great but i...

13th June 2007 04:06

reallly im dowloading it now

4th June 2007 10:06

so is it for foc

4th June 2007 08:06

this one is for the first Star ware empire at war right

2nd June 2007 08:06

Yeah i cant go to these sites to Everything EaW - Powered by vBulletin Gundam Legacy Ages of Star...

18th June 2007 08:06

oh ok my bad

27th May 2007 23:05

Hey how come the trailer didnt show the replicators

27th May 2007 07:05

oh really! is there a way to fix it because i was able to go on it before

11th May 2007 11:05

Anybody got any idea on how to fix it

11th May 2007 06:05

I kNOW it sucks im I cant get any news on the mod progresses lately is there a way to fix this probl...

11th May 2007 04:05

I dont know if its just my computer or not but for some reason i cant gon on these to site anymore i...

10th May 2007 09:05

thanks man hey can you add some clone troops from the http://empireatwar.filefront.com/file/FoC_Clon...

6th April 2007 12:04

what? its in the 2.0 i seen it on the main menu look at it closely and if you dont see it click on t...

13th June 2007 10:06

SO has anyone seen or fought the mandalorian ship its called the super shadowif so can someone tell...

18th June 2007 09:06

Fordo;3614530http://empireatwar.filefront.com/file/Improved_Venator_for_FoC;77647 v2 is out!!! E...

6th April 2007 09:04

Really!!! i can so do that

25th July 2007 07:07

Yo I know this might have already been said but my game keeps having the same god dam Data error in...

22nd August 2007 06:08

that sucks

5th August 2007 22:08

Yeah just like it says was there ever a Macross mod in development im just really curious about:conf...

5th August 2007 07:08

Very nice Story

4th August 2007 12:08