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I have a map I created back in the days of Deus Ex 1and would really like to have this map available...

25th August 2004 12:08

Too bad it sucked

4th November 2008 09:11

Memb;4651978Because I have already seen many bugs that I haven't seen in Vanilla. I thought mods sho...

27th October 2008 03:10

Call of Duty and UO. Silent Storm and Silent Storm Sentinels, very good turn based strategy games. M...

27th October 2008 08:10

Tedacious;4650643I'm speechles... I'm just... utterly speechless... I struggled to keep some faith...

27th October 2008 08:10

I think: Bottom left: Wave number Bottom right: Scores of other players I'm guessing when only one...

28th October 2008 09:10

Biiviz;4660976Yup, same here. It does sound really strange. What country was she from? Must be Ameri...

1st November 2008 23:11

Probably so the weapons don't block your view while playing.

2nd November 2008 01:11

Download and install these BF1942 patches: Battlefield 1942: Full Client Patch, Battlefield 2142 Dow...

5th November 2008 05:11

Isn't the second gun a Sterling?

25th October 2008 07:10

Pronounce this word: Ghoti :)

6th November 2008 08:11

Commie;4668117Fish. amirite? Isn't that one of those phonetic spelling things? Yep, that's right

6th November 2008 12:11

Darkest of Days:

12th November 2008 04:11

Cobblestones are a result of a failed artifact mutation. Just sell them.

12th November 2008 04:11

.Invictus.;4676155Because Treyarch believes it's a sniper rifle like the Barrett :rolleyes: You actu...

12th November 2008 04:11

.Invictus.;4677214Oh yes ofcourse. A obsolete anti tank rifle as sniper which you can fire while not...

13th November 2008 05:11

mr spock;4677955he's right though.fallout 3 is a rippoff of resistance fall of man,stubbs the zombie...

13th November 2008 09:11

.Invictus.;4679293Awesome. I want the silenced ACOG SMLE! Remember kids, don't smoke crack

14th November 2008 05:11

People complained about "Shit, another WWII game", but WaW obviously isn't your realistic WWII game...

14th November 2008 09:11

Memb;4651711Oblivion Lost is buggier than Vanilla. Now suddenly Sidorovich's door is locked and I ca...

26th October 2008 23:10

Spoiler: Show When you go to Bar, talk to the Barkeep and he will give you the other key

20th November 2008 10:11

wraithcat;4631985Couldn't you get it to work like this Us, Germans are nice people. ? I'm sure that...

15th October 2008 07:10

The "Lego GTA" you're speaking of seems like the upcoming Lego Universe, which doesn't have the game...

6th July 2008 22:07

Get Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, lol...

12th July 2008 10:07

Pavlichenko > her

14th July 2008 09:07