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i love it just can't get all those panserschreks wiped out . any advice?

20th September 2004 23:09

does anyone play this game online any more do they still work online?

11th November 2006 18:11

wicked chers buddy :P

11th November 2006 20:11

yea i show it off as best i can thats why i would like a sig ya see i mean ya dont exactly get this...

11th November 2006 19:11

when someone is so kinda as to take on me request could i get the words Youngy and administrator inc...

11th November 2006 18:11

ummm huh??????

11th November 2006 18:11

well thats abit of a mean comp u got there geeza

11th November 2006 18:11

Could someone give a stab at making me a sig involving either of these? chers very much!!! :D...

11th November 2006 14:11

all their doing is updating graphics i think they need to increase the worlds sizes for online play...

11th November 2006 18:11

i did not come all this was to speak to someone who looks like hitla!! .... shut up death. lege...

11th November 2006 18:11

im youngy im english i love all the good things in life not exactly a game adict more car adict but...

11th November 2006 17:11

its bin around and it'll be around for eva!just like holla hoops there nothing anyone can do about i...

11th November 2006 17:11

well its only a big deal because people keep goin on about it if politicians stopped talking about i...

11th November 2006 16:11

fair point mate ill sent anuva request when i shown abit of loyalty

11th November 2006 16:11

yea that is pritty shjt hot

12th November 2006 12:11