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Don't you hate it when a good mod is going so well, then fizzles and dies, leaving us with nothing b...

3rd July 2009 00:07

DarthArbiter;4937810You're assuming that these mods are at some point where what they have finished...

3rd July 2009 19:07

DarthArbiter;4938552That's entirely their decision though. Of course it is, I'm just saying it woul...

4th July 2009 17:07

Mr.Caine;4939595So... the point of this thread is to ask for dead mod resources? More or less.

5th July 2009 12:07

What about VONG!:( Other mods do stuff like this, but no mod at all has playable vong.

8th July 2009 22:07

DarthNerd;4943098 Vong added in as a true faction. But they are not playable (i tried making them p...

9th July 2009 20:07

or an "all eras" mod. you could do three factions "good" (republic, Clones, rebels, new republic, a...

11th July 2009 12:07

nason;4945780i like the "all eras" mod with the good, bad, and other teams lol thanks!:D P.S. how d...

12th July 2009 22:07

Whoever made the "the clone wars" mod has dooku (i think). you could ask him and see where he got i...

14th July 2009 21:07

Say, have you ever thought about making some more land models. I find the current ones a bit lackin...

14th July 2009 21:07

did you install to FOC or the original game?

15th July 2009 19:07

Admiral_Jamoking;4948489I don't believe Yun_yuuzhan was critizing Warb_Null, when yuuzhan said "I fi...

15th July 2009 19:07

Been waiting for something like this! Is it for EAW or FOC?

18th July 2009 13:07

Sgt. Hicks;4953709 FLEEPIN SWEET!!!:bows:

21st July 2009 19:07

[SIZE="7"]AWSOME!!![/SIZE] Freaking great mod peoples!:bows::bows::bows:

10th September 2009 19:09