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How do you start a clan??? What steps need to be taken??? If anyone can help me please post. :smack...

23rd March 2003 18:03

:rolleyes: How did you film MOH??? :confused:

30th March 2003 03:03


30th March 2003 15:03

Hell yes... Love the FG42. :rock:

10th April 2003 02:04

But we didn't look in......:naughty:

10th April 2003 02:04

I have no idea what you just said but good for you......:uhh

17th May 2003 22:05

Does anyone know of some good software the can capture ingame video footage on Battle field (I tried...

29th July 2003 23:07

It said that my media player (Windows Media Player) couldn't play because it was a file type it coul...

29th July 2003 23:07


30th July 2003 00:07

hey ratdart how do i do that

30th July 2003 00:07

no i mean the record with wmp 9. how do i do the record thing???

30th July 2003 02:07

sorry i misunderstood

30th July 2003 02:07

What kind of name is Pappy Boyington??? Stupid!!! Starting flames on this forum gets you banned fri...

2nd August 2003 03:08

What do you guys think of the Secret Weapons Demo???

9th August 2003 00:08

How do i skin BF:V? i cannot find any tutorials or any threads that tell you how.

29th March 2004 00:03

Where are all the BFV Skins... There are so many BF1942 skins out there but i cant find any BFV skin...

26th July 2004 02:07