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Could someone send me a readme with all the admin comands on it not like the one ja+ has its to diff...

16th August 2007 09:08

yeah they have pictures of it i'll put one up

23rd November 2006 01:11

come on somebody respond

23rd November 2006 07:11

lol there is a model out but why would u want a jar jar binks model

17th January 2007 10:01

when i try to run it whether it being single or multiplayer it says GLW_StartOpenGL () - could not...

17th March 2007 02:03

i have the stuff needed being that i used to play this all the time but my computer crashed recently...

17th March 2007 07:03

I have ja+ if that would help me at all and i tried to run it and it says vm create game failed and...

18th May 2007 07:05

it would be cool if u could go inside the wii and press a button to shoot out a big blue stream and...

20th June 2007 06:06

thats a little long for a clan name :o that as a tag plus ur rank u can only have like a 3 letter na...

28th June 2007 08:06

I was one of the ppl that believed this was real and I downloaded the demo and I got the trojen I di...

6th August 2007 07:08

lol being that star trek is pretty much a star wars fans mortal enemy your gonna have to look hard f...

26th August 2007 03:08

Ok I made a lan server and it wont let me use admin controls is there a certain way to turn it on (I...

13th October 2006 07:10

Dude this would be awesome could someone plz make it :)? Reference pic: dont know why anyone woul...

5th October 2007 09:10

................. how come noone EVER takes my requests they would if it was freaken anime :mad:

6th October 2007 03:10

heath1992;3963154I've only had about 15 minutes to work on it. I'm pretty new to modeling. Any comme...

6th October 2007 05:10

heath1992;3963462Hehe, like I said I only had 15 minutes to work on it. I'm working on it now. Thank...

6th October 2007 21:10

dude it looks great I cant wait till its done

7th October 2007 09:10

no all the buttons are there but there are little things like the words wii the speaker and the ligh...

9th October 2007 02:10

dude heath are you still working on it

11th October 2007 17:10

yodaman123;3973234Just let him take his time. Modelling isnt that easy. He's probably either skinnin...

12th October 2007 08:10

ok its been a week if ur working on it could u please give me a heads up

23rd October 2007 02:10

when I use it I want it to have a saber blade

24th October 2007 07:10

Ok guys it would be friggin awesome if someone made a manbearpig model from southpark plz coment bac...

22nd November 2006 23:11

it says:could not load open gl sub system

8th October 2006 08:10

ok mabe what i should know is how do u use the grappling hook because mabe im doing the wrong thing

4th August 2006 09:08
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