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im looking forward to getting into this community. I will be on her a lot for a while because I am t...

16th October 2010 22:10

How do you go to survival mode when you hae thepayed for version of Minecraft.;)

29th October 2010 17:10

Avatar vs Aliens DC Vs Marvel James Bond vs mission imposssible

25th October 2010 00:10

Well I dont use it personally but you could use steam you make an acount and then can by games on th...

24th October 2010 01:10

Lol I find ifunny that he is threatening us with our lives and then saying he expects us to respect...

23rd October 2010 23:10

Pathfinder!!:bows: Because i'm off school with a bad leg I am at home alot and because i was bored...

23rd October 2010 03:10

Serio;5403416They claim they're doing this out of respect for the soldiers. If anything, they're dis...

23rd October 2010 03:10

ANYONE read the inheritance series??? I'M just finishing book one

23rd October 2010 03:10

OK I'll tell you so basically my nickname is Gaz or Gaza pronounced GA-ZA My friends have called me...

17th October 2010 04:10

discuss the fantsay books youve read or are reading:)

23rd October 2010 03:10

I was asking if anyone pivot animate in general discussion and they said i should come and see you g...

20th October 2010 13:10

If anybody does i think it would be good t post some of our best animtions and items and stuff;) l...

19th October 2010 14:10

Does anybody want to duel on Borderlands on xbox live. if so reply to the thread for details.

18th October 2010 19:10

I agree this thompson guy sounds like an utter f*ck tard

18th October 2010 01:10

Admiral Donutz;5410510Welcome mate, I'd expect you to play RPGs with your interest in fantasy games....

18th October 2010 01:10

thanx guys I just got the terrible matadoor its like a really powerfull shotgun but with the reload...

17th October 2010 14:10

Today I Got Boderlands! :) Anyone Got any tips? Cause I havent really played any RPS's

17th October 2010 05:10

I agree with most of em I have lots of fave sci fi movies but at the moment its Inception (not for i...

5th November 2010 02:11