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Hey you still doing this model cause i have always thought jecht was a cool dude

16th January 2008 05:01

i get the same thing as you :agreed

8th September 2008 01:09

whats it like i want to see cause i want a good pirate map

13th June 2008 23:06

movielou;4428580No I just do alot of research Well if you look at some of the trailers you can alrea...

11th July 2008 03:07

Damasius Revan;4488234:deal:Hi i search a clan for JKA. I love to fight with staff and wanne have...

6th August 2008 02:08

dude the face to me is fantastic! The body is also coming along very well. Really looking great man!

7th August 2008 02:08

i actually wouldn't mind a cape less Vader and i agree the "undercape" its self would be cool. I tri...

13th August 2008 01:08

hey man this is about his joker. If you want that make a new thread requesting it. stay on topic! A...

19th August 2008 11:08

I actually think both look like they are a bit cartoony thats just my thoughts

26th August 2008 23:08

This is a great one Imperial Dreadnaught Final v 1.3, Jedi Knight 3 Downloads, Jedi Knight 3 Free F...

26th August 2008 23:08

this is a video of the instance: YouTube - HK-47 Run ive done it several times on swg. good luck

8th September 2008 08:09

I like Boats like these. They are so fun to play on. I would love a cool map with alot of the stuff...

5th June 2008 01:06

you know that's not tidus right

14th September 2008 08:09

How are theres? http://img.photobucket...

21st September 2008 02:09

never said they where mine and they are pictures.......its not like its a sig and i clam its mine. j...

21st September 2008 04:09

he looks pretty close to that in the ps2 half the mask is there like in that version. i think the ps...

3rd October 2008 04:10

Along while ago i asked about making Grievous' full ship what your thoughts about that now?

16th October 2008 06:10

the Geonosis Sky i think you may have a problem with in game for you map. Simply because from the so...

21st December 2008 22:12

Hi im looking for a rp clan. I have been to a couple on the game where they have some pretty strict...

22nd December 2009 09:12

Why does is the hidden blade on his right arm when it is supposed to be on his left?

4th March 2011 01:03

Do me and the Star Wars community a solid and when/if you release it you make sure Wookiee is spelle...

31st March 2011 01:03

can you give me a download link, i LOVE BOATS!!!!

5th June 2008 05:06

yeah likewise please [email][/email]

18th May 2008 21:05

May i have a predator spear, if possible make the spear ends extend like a saber. if not dont worry....

17th January 2008 06:01

to be honest i see to much shadowtrooper in it. i can tell your using that model, but to me it just...

2nd March 2008 11:03
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