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Jedi Outcast vs Jedi Academy

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I think I found this Mods locate in

29th July 2005 03:07

Cool but thank anyway! I hoped your not lying and I'll will download it soon as possible!

25th October 2005 07:10

The command must be disable.

19th May 2006 07:05

How do we Decompile a Mod? Like how do we see .qvm code? Well, I think maybe that illegal but just a...

19th May 2006 05:05

and make sure u the only one who can know the rcon. If u tell soemone, they might do /rcon quit

16th January 2006 23:01

You haven't experient crash problem. I has a lot so I know that u can ban someone when they has cras...

16th January 2006 23:01

I know how! Download the JK2Ded --> DeathSpike Fix Delicated Here the installation manual -->...

16th January 2006 11:01

Try some mod that are popular, people-like, and the one has some command.

16th January 2006 10:01

Mayb you delete autoexec, rename, or it doesn't exist.

13th December 2005 07:12

That easy! Go to the assets0 with WinZip or WinRar. If you don't have it, just rename it assets0.pk3...

22nd November 2005 04:11

In Single Player, Type /devmap ffa_bespin or any Multiplayer map :D when it load to bespin, type de...

19th November 2005 22:11

yes! The picture you show was that you standing on the Valley of The Jedi! Tell me how did you do th...

10th November 2005 06:11

How did you walk to the valley???

9th November 2005 07:11

DC mod cool but one problem that is, I like JA mod the most! DC mod to much information and it too h...

20th October 2005 05:10

Eh, it in the VM folder of your game mod. And yet there a chance they can decompile it! I just heard...

19th May 2006 08:05

I did, I has all my mod up to date. can you give me the Website where I can stop hacker?

19th October 2005 05:10

Someone use the "Name Bug" then they flying and they can use ampsay!

16th October 2005 23:10

Thank! I think I should rename this thread into Crashing. I set my passsword as ppl never known it....

16th October 2005 02:10

close all the ports you don't need open, make sure your using the latest versions of everything, ens...

14th October 2005 23:10

Zone alarm is good but the problem is, it didn't stop hacker, it only make me lag! It cost money too...

14th October 2005 22:10

Thank, That was fast! and where do I close port?

14th October 2005 00:10

How do I close the port? And where do I find Firewall?

14th October 2005 00:10

Hey guy, I have the problem with hacker, can you guy help me how to let the server cannot be hacked...

13th October 2005 21:10

Tell me more about CMD, Cvar, and emotes please

9th October 2005 01:10

{COPY} isn't meant to copy from the moved, It meant a different move but it gonna be hidden like DC...

9th October 2005 01:10