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UrbanebulaAlan Shepard? You mean Adrian Shepherd. Then yeah i suppose it is OpFor but 50 years lat...

26th May 2004 03:05

... suddenly he begins to puke ...

24th May 2004 18:05

I forsee It... just a month till the hl2 release date with a load of my mind I open any Hl2 website...

31st March 2004 05:03

Like Ninhilianth will be back ... in the new graphics . FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18th May 2004 19:05

P.S And It will piss me off REAL BAD!!!!!!!!!!!:furious:

31st March 2004 05:03

Me to also :tank: Valve will surely give up.:flag:

4th April 2004 06:04

Woooh... thanks for the news man ! Lets keep our fingers crossed:naughty:

16th April 2004 02:04

:confused: Uhm... You scare me...

18th April 2004 14:04

ApokNOOO!!! I'll come over and fix your computer for you NOOOO!!! HE'S GONNA BE GONE UP SHIT CREEK A...

18th April 2004 14:04

If you crapped your pants of from a rumour about delaying the game till 2005 , here's a load off you...

20th April 2004 01:04

Some of them will . But did you saw the bug bait movie , where the Ant Lion Guard smashed those c...

24th April 2004 16:04

You Can't Wait ?! Here's A Surprise For You ... Hl2 Is Coming Out At The End Of Summer...noooooooooo...

28th April 2004 20:04

I think It's Dr. Breens lair...office...ehm...lab.:uhoh:

4th May 2004 02:05

I hate this smiley ... :naughty:

4th May 2004 02:05

Finds it empty . So he says ...

21st May 2004 03:05

He must have a big ass .

24th May 2004 18:05

SLoPPyJoE71I'd pull a strider's legs out from under it, knocking him over. PWNED!!!! :)I don't know...

23rd May 2004 02:05

Nik1818OK firstly Milail or wateva... if you aint a HL2 fan, please, kindly remove yourself from thi...

23rd May 2004 02:05

If I would have a manipulator , I would suck my ... :naughty:...

23rd May 2004 02:05

nothing ... just nothing ...

23rd May 2004 03:05

You get upset easy ...

24th May 2004 00:05

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... ok , just please don't hurt me :bows:

24th May 2004 03:05

Ok ,enough of this crap ... Nik1818 , I'll get off your back , just don't be so bossy , okay ?!

24th May 2004 03:05

WW2dudeI'd think it would rip it off. o_o Ouch !

24th May 2004 03:05

... he's out of headcrabs ...

24th May 2004 04:05