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i hate people who throw abuse at noobs i used to help alot of noobs in MADLANDS invasion with the ch...

5th April 2004 14:04

BWAAAAHAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA that face is priceless i think im gonna keep my money on communist a...

4th April 2004 20:04

DarkWolverinei think the cd key protection is pretty fuckin normal, i kno it can b fukin annoyin, bu...

31st March 2004 04:03

manslautersounds like hell u went through... but dont worry ur not the only one.. my comp is broken...

29th March 2004 07:03

yo tyriel since you like church so much want his msn addy?

27th March 2004 07:03

halo does stink i only play it cos it was free with my gfx card

10th April 2004 01:04

they come with the game but if you mean custom maps that were released last year for ut2003 i do...

27th March 2004 07:03

i have cracked the bastard if you get this error message uninstall your graphics drivers install U...

27th March 2004 04:03

find the FATS germany clan

27th March 2004 03:03


27th March 2004 03:03

i suck online as well im right handed but use mouse in left hand and use arrow keys with right i...

27th March 2004 02:03

the worst scenario ever UT2004 installing 3/4 way through installing pc always restarts set bios...

27th March 2004 02:03

:bows: VERY VERY GOOD IDEA:bows: we have 4 females in our clan see if any of them would be intere...

27th March 2004 02:03

FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK i thought it was my dvd drive i had SE and i sent it back because it wouldnt run...

21st March 2004 06:03

try defragging harddrive-newest drivers-disabling fog table emulation that might solve ur problem

4th March 2004 03:03

play the quag man at halo then well see who stinks:naughty:

9th April 2004 03:04

Upaint its on one of your UT200X discs in the bonus folder

11th April 2004 00:04


16th April 2004 21:04


12th April 2004 18:04

loric is the man you want http://perso.wanadoo.fr/loric23/UT2k3.htm

15th April 2004 00:04

I like the sound of that

14th April 2004 02:04

use edit spamboy

14th April 2004 01:04

as long as the skin is for a character thats BOTH ut2003 and ut2004 eg. UT2003 / UT2004 -------...

14th April 2004 01:04

try atari forums ask angel mapper he knows all (YES HE)

13th April 2004 22:04

BWAHAHA you dont have the epic bonus pack 1

13th April 2004 22:04