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hello I have a picture of Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Rapture Keyblade: [ATTACH]62333[/ATTACH]

5th March 2008 18:03

sorry but I can't save model for JKA

24th January 2008 17:01

hello Silink I make your ship request but I have a doubt.this is 2 screen you tell me which is corre...

4th May 2008 02:05

Make reskin of Samurai ;)

10th October 2008 16:10

sorry for the double post:uhm:. I change certain part of Riku's this is a new screen: [ATTACH]6478...

8th July 2008 19:07

thank you very much

8th July 2008 17:07

hello this is my Riku's model (from Kingdom Hearts II) [ATTACH]64754[/ATTACH] I have just one prob...

8th July 2008 02:07

Hey it's my weapons!! I do not give your permission to change them yourself if you ask me, but you k...

27th June 2008 18:06

Hello Can you make a Screenshot ?

20th June 2008 19:06

Good afternoon could I have your help to continue my model?

31st May 2008 23:05

thank you

30th May 2008 21:05

Hello I can a little make models I make a Ragnarok the anime's model Roan the swordman.this is a scr...

30th May 2008 17:05

thank you Jose Carlos

7th May 2008 20:05

Hello I make your request"crowbar". this is a screen: [ATTACH]63273[/ATTACH]

21st April 2008 01:04

Hello this is Dragon Blade screen: [ATTACH]62367[/ATTACH] PS: sorry for Keyblade I had not paid att...

7th March 2008 01:03

zack have got a pale skin

18th April 2008 22:04


18th April 2008 21:04

Hello this is my Shinra weapons pack: Shinra weapons pack, Jedi Knight 3 Downloads, Jedi Knight 3 Pa...

18th April 2008 16:04

This is Shinra Sword that I make [ATTACH]63049[/ATTACH]

11th April 2008 21:04

I'm sorry

30th March 2008 15:03

3DS Max is a terrible programm lol

30th March 2008 04:03

great job. I little make Riku but is not terrible [ATTACH]62835[/ATTACH]

29th March 2008 05:03

Hey plz post new

28th March 2008 22:03

Plz demon zariche send a news.

20th March 2008 02:03

okay but is not very serious It is the intention that you storytelling is the only modeler to have t...

8th March 2008 05:03