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22nd October 2020 11:10

Ok Go did some other video in a garden where they simulated Matrix moves and shit. Interesting enoug...

16th October 2020 20:10

WE DO nct

17th September 2020 17:09


10th September 2020 12:09

I got bronze.

4th August 2020 20:08

A. B. or? C.

1st August 2020 23:08

Phoenix_22.pmuB So much for ignoring.

31st July 2020 14:07

Okay this is just a question but do you guys ever take a couple shots in of anything like alcoholic...

31st July 2020 09:07

[color=black]okay so there's a bunch of cows on an elevator and they're like,...uuuuuh...farting and...

17th July 2020 17:07

They're on your head, buddy.

17th July 2020 17:07

there are some in zoo's but i have yet to see a wild elephant in the UK, could it be because of the...

17th July 2020 12:07

i think we've all done that chaos. no need to feel bad.. its his fault he wears those revealing dres...

15th July 2020 17:07

Mh, i can't find you.. :p

23rd June 2020 09:06


2nd June 2020 19:06

might have had one over the lense. guess we'll have to wait 'til he says one way or the other. I'm...

28th April 2020 13:04

27th April 2020 01:04

seriously i want answers

25th April 2020 22:04

Show me your genitals Your genitals Show me your genitals Your gen-i-tal-ia

25th April 2020 21:04

What avatar choose?

25th April 2020 21:04


25th April 2020 19:04

Oh, cool, I guess that means I can edit without leaving an edit note! Awesome! This calls for bacon!

2nd April 2020 23:04

This is hard. Filetrekker wins. I like him better than you.

2nd April 2020 23:04

I just ate a half pound of plain peanut butter, and now I feel sick.

2nd April 2020 23:04

Experience the power of a bookbook Discuss.....or not

2nd April 2020 23:04

Punk Rawkerlol thats how I was too. its a great album. has some slow songs, some fast songs, some in...

2nd April 2020 23:04