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How do you get those screenshots so clear??

30th October 2002 15:10

Originally posted by Master Minder no i dont like the idea because they was slow and never used...

3rd May 2003 13:05

Maybe someone could make a raven offices style map?

18th June 2003 07:06

Could someone please make me a sig with a pic of a tank and the name T22 on it?

11th June 2003 12:06

near car/truck on blue side

11th May 2003 16:05

Dc 0.4 needs a chinook helicopter and jungle maps

8th May 2003 13:05

looks cool nice work:agreed:

5th May 2003 08:05

could someone make a sig with a soviet flag and the name Dark Veil on it please? it would be...

30th April 2003 11:04

What are all the server commands (like how to ban a weapon and stuff)?? (please help me)

30th October 2002 15:10

http://www.csports.net << its for bf and other games on the internet to track your ranking

23rd April 2003 07:04

as an operation name maybe : operation Dusk , or operation Dark Veil ? ? ?

22nd April 2003 15:04

you only need the latest version (as far as I know) ,and many guys like the mod...

21st April 2003 14:04

improvements in 1.4 patch: -Tank Repair exploit - tanks will no longer be able to repair in the air...

21st April 2003 11:04

It is REAL , It's the parralel world 06 mod wich can be found here

21st April 2003 08:04

Thanks that's very usefull

3rd November 2002 08:11

Thanks for the reply

2nd November 2002 08:11

Maybe someone can convert a single player map to multiplayer or someone could make a map of the mov...

2nd July 2003 16:07